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A glimmer, a hue, a dancing twinkle to the eye,
Bright, fresh, notes of strawberry, a pink girl passes by.
Proud and affable, in a line of red and white
Might they too be - pink with envy?

Pink Girl is a California rosé unique and pink - one that celebrates the true beauty of a rosé, contained in a curvaceous, flirtatious bottle. Each label is hand-applied with a real Swarovski crystal - this wine utters “pink” with every sip. While Napa Valley is known for its seductive red wines, the Syrah grape puts forth a lovely red and white fruit character, balanced in this pink wine that is pressed for a rosé. Raspberries and maraschino cherries with a hint of residual sugar immediately hit the palate. This is not Lucy's white zinfandel - it is a dry, crisp, lighter style of wine, meant to enjoy with spicy Indian foods, a summer crab salad or as a stand alone at your next girls night out!

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