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Ventura County, long known for world class surf spots like Rincon Cove, C-Street and Silver Strand, now has a world class craft beer presence. Ventura’s Surf Brewery®, located minutes from Surfer’s Point in beautiful Ventura, is riding the wave of California’s vibrant beer history and tradition of making craft beers. Founded by home-brewers and surfers with a passion for beer and a commitment to create only the finest brews using the highest quality ingredients.

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Named after a local family surf beach just North of Ventura, Mondo’s Cream Ale is a refreshing lighter bodied ale, showing hints of fruit and balanced hopping. Much like its namesake, Mondo’s is a great beer when you are looking for something on the mellow side. Pairs well with salad or grilled chicken.
• 5.0% alcohol by volume (ABV)
• IBU: 16

Named after a surf spot bordering Ventura County & LA County. Brewed as an American Pale Ale with a twist, a healthy dose of rye adds a subtle spiciness and frothy white head while generous amounts of pleasantly spicy and floral American hops compliment the gentle rye character. Pairs well with a sloppy burger at the beach!
• 6.0% alcohol by volume (ABV)
• IBU: 41

Our Signature beer, this American Style Dark Ale features vibrant citrusy and floral American hops balanced against a complex malt profile of toasty dark malts with a hint of roasted barley. Just like an early morning surf session, once you start you keep going back. Pairs well with grilled tri-tip.
• 6.5% alcohol by volume (ABV)
• IBU: 67

Named after a now extinct surf break just south of Mussel Shoals, Oil Piers™, our Robust Porter offering, has delicate hopping with a rich malt profile with undertones of dark toast and chocolate. Enjoy Oil Piers™ by itself to fuel your next surf session like the laborers of the late 19th century or pair with rare prime rib or chocolate desserts.
• 5.3% alcohol by volume (ABV)
• IBU: 30

In Ventura, good things come from the South in the Summer. In this case, in the form of our big Double India Pale Ale featuring Hops from Australia and New Zealand and Patagonia Caramel malt from Chile. Double dry-hopping provides aroma to a dominant hop profile of citrus and gooseberries with just enough malt backbone to support the aggressive hopping.
• 9.0% alcohol by volume (ABV)
• IBU: 103

WAHINE™ WHEAT | ***Seasonal***
A continuation of our Wahine, Polynesian Princess, line of Wheat beers.

Lemon Wahine Wheat - Our Lemon version teamed us up with Ventura Limoncello, to produce this wonderfully refreshing American Wheat. Local lemon peels were used at the end of the boil to give this beer a refreshing slight lemon flavor and aroma. This light beer pairs well with ceviche or other light seafood.
• 5.0% alcohol by volume (ABV)
• IBU: 16

Strawberry Wahine Wheat - Our Strawberry version was produced especially at the request of the California Strawberry festival held every year in Oxnard. Strawberry Wahine™ is brewed as an American Wheat with local strawberries and flavoring added. A light easy drinking beer for the summer months and pairs well with…a fresh Oxnard Strawberry!
• 5.0% alcohol by volume (ABV)
• IBU: 5

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