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Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company, located in the heart of the San Francisco bay area peninsula, produces award-winning, handcrafted beer and root beer centered on the most premium ingredients.

Prior to the 1780’s the canyon portion of Belmont and San Carlos was known as “la Canada del Diablo” or Devil’s Canyon.

Since opening our doors in 2001, Devil’s Canyon Brewery has won over 35 awards for our craft beers and received the 2009 “People’s Choice” award at the San Francisco International Beer Festival and in 2013 was voted favorite Bay Area Brewery by SF A-List readers.

Belle Biere Brut
California Sparkling Ale
Brewed in the French style using champagne yeast (not a Belgian or Farm Style) Belle ™ is our interpretation of a Californian version of a sparkling ale. Belle is a high-end yet versatile beer that spans every occasion; from wedding receptions to horseshoes at the park.

Patrons will immediately observe the tiny, fine lace bubbles and light golden color when Belle is poured.Effervescent with a sweet, dry finish, there is no star ingredient; balance is the name of the game. Belle is brewed with a proprietary blend of traditional noble hops, a pilsner-style barley base, and imparts overtones of apple, apricot, a touch of lemon and a bread-like finish. Though light in color, at 6% abv. Belle is loaded with layers of complex flavors while maintaining a well-rounded balance.

• 6.0% alcohol by volume (ABV)

California Sunshine
We were not trying to be revolutionary in 2002; we just wanted to brew an interesting beer style using extra ingredients we had on hand.The resulting contribution to craft beer’s renaissance was this paradigm shifting style of a rye-centric India Pale Ale.

At 85 IBU’s, California Sunshine™ Rye IPA is exceptionally well balanced with assertive hop bitterness, a toasty and bready malt mouth-feel, and a grassy, dry finish.

Enjoy our uniquely original re-imagining of a traditional unfiltered English style IPA while pondering being the craft beer polymath you surely are.
• 7.1% alcohol by volume (ABV)

Sour Cherry Lambic

Full Boar Scotch Ale
Full Boar™ Scotch Ale is deeply malted and caramel apparent with overtones of chocolate and a slight hint of a mild, smoky flavor.

Devil's Canyon Full Boar Scotch Ale’s proprietary malt blend, lightly smoked with peat moss, imparts subtle hints of chocolate, caramel and smoke in a beer that drinks astonishingly smoothly.

First-Class chefs pair this Wee Heavy style ale with the finest cuts of meat, yet it has been infused into everything from artisanal cheeses to ice cream.
• 7.4% alcohol by volume (ABV)

Deadicated Amber
Deadicated™ Amber Ale pours a beautiful tawny color with a fine lace head.

You’ll find this rich, medium bodied ale to have a well-balanced bouquet with a crisp cascade hop finish.
• 5.4% alcohol by volume (ABV)

Devil's Canyon Brewing Co.

Belle Sparkling Ale

Full Boar Scotch Ale

Deadicated Amber

CA Sunshine Rye IPA

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