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Cosmic Ales began its journey at the turn of the century. Starting as a small set up and growing into a commercial business, our loyal following of devoted fans has grown and therefore the necessity to expand into a larger operation has become evident. Moving up to contract out of a larger brewing facility Cosmic Ales is planning on building its catalog of incredible award winning ales and building a large brewing facility of its own.

Starting with the best flavors and great dedication to quality we are committed to hand crafting each and every beer from brewing to bottling & kegging. No compromise, no substitutions, no joke. Brewing has been a serious passion for well over ten years.

California Blonde Ale
Cosmonaut, A California Blonde Ale, is a light and refreshing pilsner'esque ale with a wheaty flavor and a slight bittering of hops in a well rounded super clean beer. Perfect for the fall leaf raking season and as always a wonderful session beer coming in at 5.0% ABV.
• 5.0% alcohol by volume (ABV)

Hell Hound
American Brown Ale
A perfect balance of bitter and sweet, this bold brown ale will surprise your pallet and bite you when you’re not looking. Derived from an old time favorite this brew was constructed with passion and dedication to get it just right and that why it’s winning all the awards.
• 5.3% alcohol by volume (ABV)

Cosmic Ales

Cosmonaut California Blonde Ale

Hellhound Brown Ale

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