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Base Camp Brewing Company is the result of brewmaster Justin Fay’s determined vision and years of hard work. His and brewer Paul Thurston’s combined decades of professional brewing experience are evident in each of Base Camp’s recipes. Each of our beers have been crafted with an eye toward innovation and creativity as well as consistency and balance, making for awesome brewskies that are at once approachable for any beer drinker and satisfying for the most adventure-minded palate.

Our aluminum 22oz bottles are made for adventure. Bottom line? They treat our beer better than anything else out there. But the perks about these bottles don’t end there!

  • No metal taste
  • Just like cans, a food-grade liner prevents contact
  • More environmentally friendly than glass
  • Lighter and more versatile than glass
  • Protects from light better than glass
  • Won’t shatter in your pack or bag
  • Chills beer quicker than glass.
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