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Headlands Brewing Company was born out of the entrepreneurial nature of the Bay Area. We strive to build on the foundation of the local thriving brewing community and create ales and lagers that embody the spirit of our home.

We have a passion for the art of brewing. This is expressed through our roots in traditional styles with a tilt toward the experimental side. Influenced and driven by our 20+ years of combined brewing experience, we respect the historical styles while driving their boundaries to new limits.

We believe that above all, beer is a social and cultural experience. It sparks dialogue, marks achievements, connects people, and lubricates ideas. We aim to play a part in your adventures and hope to share a pint with you.

Headlands Brewing Company has responsible business practices at its core and actively participates in protecting our environment and community. Our commitment is reflected in our brewing practices and support through non-profit work, trail maintenance and restoration, and advocacy. Headlands Brewing believes in our local brewing community and is honored to be a part of it.

Groupe G
Belgian RyePA
Mosaic hops are featured prominently in this West Coast style IPA. The flower & spice from the hops balance with our unique Belgian yeast emphasizing more esters than phenols.

• 7.6% alcohol by volume (ABV)

Hill 88
Double IPA
All double IPAs are not created equal. Our Hill 88 strikes a balance between an all-malt backbone lending a touch of sweetness with the new world hops displaying assertive melon, tropical and citrus notes.

• 8.8% alcohol by volume (ABV)

Pt. Bonita
Rustic Lager
Our pilsner is highlighted by the spiciness from the rye (14%). It has just enough noble hop character and body from the rustic grains to remind you you’re drinking a craft beer.

• 6.2% alcohol by volume (ABV)

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