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Inland Empire Brewing Company was formed in 2007 by three long time friends. We had all been home brewers for approximately five years prior to stumbling upon a really good deal on some used 7 BBL brewing equipment. We all three decided that we had what it takes to go big, and sell our beer to the public!

After about two years of work with Government agencies, permitting and construction, we opened our doors to the public on February 20th, 2009! While we are now down to two owners, we continue to grow at a comfortable pace.

We’ve recently (early 2012) added four 15 BBL State of the art conical fermenters, which has improved fermentation times, consistency and quality. We are also working on other new projects, yet to be announced.

Habsburg Hefeweizen
• IBU 11.9
Our German style Hefeweizen has a strong banana and clove aroma, and flavor. A wonderfully crisp and sweet, easy drinking beer that can be enjoyed while trying to escape the heat of a Southern California Summer.

Pale Ale
• 5.7% alcohol by volume (ABV)
• IBU 31
Our Pale ale is essentially an English Pale Ale. Similar in body and malt to Boddington’s and other British ales, it has a hop presence more reminiscent of a California style pale ale such as Sierra Nevada. It has a balanced malt presence with an equally strong hop bitterness and nose. 5.7% ABV makes it pack a little more punch than most ales in the same category, but it goes down smooth and makes a great session ale.

Brown Ale
• 5.5% alcohol by volume (ABV)
• IBU 30
Our Brown is simply put…. amazing! Styled as a Northern English Nut Brown Ale, it carries the same malty sweetness you would expect of the category but with a slight California hop twist. This is designed and carried through to be particularly malty, creamy, and thick. Taste-wise it is similar to Lost Coast’s Downtown Brown but with a slightly drier, hoppier finish. It is 5.5% ABV and frankly goes awesome with a steak, burger, bbq, or anything with a strong meaty flavor (and ironically makes a great dessert beer with some vanilla ice cream).

India Pale Ale (IPA)
• 7.0% alcohol by volume (ABV)
• IBU 63
The IPA weighs in at a hefty 7.0% ABV and is not intended for the light of heart. Again, it is styled in the English IPA category, giving it a slightly less hoppy taste and nose than a typical “California IPA” . Very balanced, but still presents the lip-puckering hoppiness you would come to expect from an IPA.

Victoria (American Strong Ale)
• 11.0% alcohol by volume (ABV)
• IBU 98
Named after Victoria Avenue in Riverside where we purchased oranges, the first step in the journey of creating this beer. Orange zest in the boil and hops hand-selected to highlight the citrus notes contributed by the orange give this beer its strong bitterness and citrusy floral nose. Honey added to the boil gives the beer a unique balance and borderline sweetness not generally found in beers of this category; the honey also helps contribute to the whopping 11% ABV. This is a great beer.

Pepin “The Short” Porter
• 5.8% alcohol by volume (ABV)
• IBU 41.5
Our porter is also styled as a British style porter with a strong roasted flavor. Flavors reminiscent of coffee and dark chocolate balance well in this ale, the maltiest of our main lineup. It is 5.8% ABV, and similarly to our brown ale, it pairs well with strong flavored food, or likewise as a dessert beer. Originally slated to be a seasonal offering, it is now offered year round due to its popularity.

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